90-93 MAZDA MIATA Randall cowl intake duct Carbon Fiber

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Randall Intake 

Has some chips in the horn area. Does not affect performance 

The Randall intake replaces the snorkel from your stock airbox with a carbon fibre tube that gets cool air from the high pressure area in front of the windshield. Cold air is dense air, which means more power for you. Most intakes are dyno tested with the hood open, so they perform at their best. As soon as you close the hood, the intake temperature shoots up and all the power gains go away. Not the Randall - in our testing, we saw a solid 5 hp gain with the hood closed. You'll also get a bit more intake growl under load.

Installation involves cutting a hole in the flange at the top of your windshield, above the firewall. This may not be allowed in some race classes, so do your homework. 1.25" holesaw required, not included.